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About Us!

Planter Speakers is an American company that manufactures high quality audio products including our world famous line of outdoor speakers, all in Connecticut.

Our very unique Outdoor Speakers were created out of necessity in 1999 when one of our Audio dealers asked for our help in designing a multiple area sound system. He had run into a roadblock when it came to the outside zone, a flagstone patio with a wrought iron railing that all connected to a stone house !  There was absolutely no place for either wall or rock speakers and the sound never would have matched the high quality speakers the dealer had installed indoors.  We took all the info and measurements down and in a few days, we had the answer based on experience from an old job we did in South Hampton L.I. NY where we installed some flat foam type speakers in wood lattice planters around a pool. Of course, wood planters would never fit design wise on a flagstone patio, there had to be another way with the same concept.

A few days later, Art Jr. came into the factory very excited. He had found a large gray fiberglass planter in a florist shop that might fit the bill for the flagstone patio if we could make it into a speaker.  We started work on it right away by writing down the features we needed. It would not just be a speaker, it had to be a planter too which means it would need to hold and keep water that would feed the plant and not damage the speakers and electrical parts. After around three weeks of experimenting and testing, we developed and designed the world’s first and true high fidelity outdoor Planter Speaker!

We aptly named it after the house that inspired it, The Flagstone! Needless to say, the Audio dealer was  impressed and his client was overjoyed.  The new Flagstone was a musical joy. It featured a American made 10" bass woofer, a 4" French mid range speaker and a soft dome French tweeter all combined with a handmade American three way crossover. The sound was every bit a match for the high end speakers placed around the home.

Well, that’s the beginning of our success story and now 24 years later, Planter Speakers is still a young dynamic company innovating and designing new outdoor Planter Speakers including our wonderful Piermont made from renewable Teak sourced from Costa Rica.

Thank you so much for your interest in Planter Speakers!


Art Powers Sr.


Planter Speakers offer top notch construction and quality sound second to none!

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