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Stagelite Monitor

The most versatile speaker on the market!

*We have a limited number of our very popular Stagelite Monitors in stock at a very low dealer cost! Contact us us for more information at  (914) 774-9525

Inspired by theatrical lighting designs, the Intelligent Audio Products' Stagelite Monitor is engineered to integrate seamlessly and discretely into lighting truss systems. In addition, with its hang or mount anywhere bracket, the Stagelite Monitor is perfect for use on stages, as vocal monitors and/or side fills. This high performance speaker is extremely versatile delivering great sound in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, live venue theaters, mobile DJ’s systems, corporate events, house of worship, amusement parks, shopping malls, schools, and home theater.

With lighting and scenic designers playing a big part in the overall look of things, the Stagelite Monitor ties the whole project together.

  • Excellent build, sound quality and reliability

  • Flexible and affordable



  • 8” paper cone - cloth cone edge

  • Power rating 150w RMS - 250w peak

  • Magnet weight 38 oz. - Ferrite

  • type 2” voice coil - Kapton coil former

  • Coated copper - 2 layer 30 GA.

  • Heavy steel basket


  • 1” light weight phenolic dome diaphragm

  • Freq. Response flat to 15KHzs

  • High temperature

  • 1” voice coil wound on Nomex former

  • 65w RMS rating @ 3.5KHz crossover point - 130w peak

  • Heavy barium ferrite magnet structure - 10 oz.

  • Built in tweeter overload protector

Overall Specifications

Freq. Resp.: 90 Hz to 15KHz +/- 3 dB
SPL: 105 dB 1w@1m


Dimensions: 11” diam. X 10” deep
Weight: 23 lbs.

impedence: 8 Ohms



200 watts RMS minimum

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