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High Fidelity Sound,
Hidden By Design

Our premium outdoor product, PlanterSpeakers, integrate beautifully into their surroundings and also serve as a focal point in any design scheme or décor. All models may be used with live flowers or plants and for indoor use. All planters come with Smart Pot® bags for easy planting!









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Welcome to Planter Speakers, the first outdoor speaker with High Fidelity sound!

Planter Speakers has over twenty four years of experience designing and building the highest quality outdoor speakers.  All of our products are handmade in our Connecticut factory by skilled craftsman using the best materials and speakers available.


Over the years we have refined our craft and the way that outdoor speakers should perform.  For instance, in the early years, we only built speakers that would send the sound in a forward direction.  Now, and for the past fifteen years, our speakers are available in lots of configurations including both front and side sound ( 90 degrees ) and both front and back sound  ( 180 degrees ). Our most innovative speaker, a super efficient model that sends the sound out three ways, forward and both sides ( 270 degrees ).  We also offer most of our models in Stereo from one enclosure for applications where space is limited.


And to please the homeowner and their designer or architect, most of our products over custom colors on request at a modest additional cost.


To summarize, choosing our Planter Speakers will not only give you wonderful  and spacious outdoor sound , you will have chosen the best looking outdoor speakers on the market ! 

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"PlanterSpeakers has introduced two new planter speaker designs, designed to provide invisible sound to an indoor or outdoor space. Both the Flagstone  and the Piermont  incorporate a three-way speaker with a 10-inch woofer, a four-inch midrange driver, and a one-inch tweeter, as well as a soft planting bag custom made by Smart Pots USA. The new planter speakers range in price from $2,595 to $6,495 per pair, depending on size, configuration, and style."


"One of the coolest looking audio demonstrations at CEDIA Expo. The company offers the speakers in three sizes and multiple configurations, whether you want dispersion coming from just the front of the speaker, the sides or the front and sides. Clients who really want to make a statement in their outdoor patios (or even areas indoors) these are certainly statement speakers. "

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..."Music Lovers Rejoice!
My overall impressions are these are the very best outdoor speaker I have ever heard in all my years of not just being a custom installer; it also includes staying at a variety of Four Seasons and others top-notch resorts. In fact I could easily see someone using four or more of these to power their backyard whilst also having it double as a dance floor of sorts. For clubs, get as many as you need, turn up the volume and let the party commence! Yes, they are that good!"...


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